Sochi Olympics channel and time?

What channel and what times can we find the olympics in Taipei? Thanks.

not sure the exact daily time, but I watched some last night (late) on channel 38 MUCH

Cool thanks!

I watch it on ELTA TV. But I’m not sure if it’s only Pay-TV or if it is a free channel…

It seems that ELTA (MOD setup) is showing one event a day around 10pm. Quite disappointing coverage but I don’t have much time anyway. So far the events have included 2/3 Taiwanese entrants so whenever the 3rd Taiwanese entrant is up (short track speed skating) it will be shown regardless if there is a better event that day.

One strange thing is watching impartial and coverage after so many years of NBC’s overly dramatic chopped up coverage.

I watched it also in the afternoon and many events during the whole evening, not only one event a day.

MOD seems to be offering 6 channels covering just about everything, but I have no clue how to get to them. When I turn on the TV there is a box that reads “ 2014”. I enter and go to programs, but my limited Chinese coupled with my limited understanding of technology just leaves me wanting to toss the TV out the window. There is something about downloading an MOD app but it seems like a lot of trouble. I know asking the wife to help me will only lead to further frustration.