Soda needs a home

Soda needs a home. Her adopted family had an allergic reaction and now her foster family is about to give up on her. If you have space for this cute and friendly dog, please let us know. Thanks.

The whole family was allergic to the dog? I find that hard to believe.

Tell them that allergies can be treated. It is also very important to brush your animals and to keep the house very clean.

I am allergic to dogs and cats and now have 6 animals living with me in my house. How bad can it be with one dog?

I guess he meant one person in the family.

Allergies can be treated but not everyone can be healed. Beside some people don’t want to go through weekly injections for the next 3 years, without guarantee of success or swallow medicine all the time. Keeping the house clean is only possible if you don’t allow your animals in, or restrict them from entering certain rooms. Else you are constantly sweeping the floor, vacuuming the carpet & couch and washing the bed sheets etc.
Most of the time it’s neither practical nor usually wanted (as many people want to allow their pets to roam freely, or they forget to close doors etc.).

The most effective way to avoid allergic reactions is by avoiding (where that is possible & practical) whatever causes the allergy, without the need for any treatment / medication. Easy to do with animals - by not having any.

We don’t know how strong the person reacts (the severity of allergic reactions is individual) and I think it does not matter if it’s one or twenty dogs. It is for the person that actually suffers to decide how bad something is that causes discomfort or illness.
Obviously it must be bad else they wouldn’t give the dog away, and I see no need to question that choice. Just as it’s your choice to live with dogs even you are allergic to them.

Cute dog though. :slight_smile:

You do not have to defend this person’s choice. It was not a personal attack, just a comment.

I think people will use whatever excuse they can find to get rid of an unwanted pet who have become an inconvenience to them.

These people or person probably also thought at some stage …

I’m not exactly certain what caused the allergic reaction, but in any case this dog is such a sweet and friendly dog. At the Taichung Voice Chili cookoff, Soda walked on a leash carried by a tiny little boy who was only as tall as her. She was so gentle and friendly and will respond well to anyone who wants to play with her or talk to her. The family who has been taking care of her has several adopted pets of their own and would like to continue supporting our cause.

I’m really not looking for a foster for Soda, but a permanent home with a happy family. She is pure white and so beautiful. I hope someone with children can adopt her. She will make an excellent family pet. If you know anyone who needs a pet to make their familiy whole, THIS IS THE ONE!

Thanks for reading.