Soft scrub?


There’s a cleaning product in the U.S. called “Soft Scrub” that was designed to be mildly abrasive, but not as abrasive as powdered abrasive cleansers (like Comet or Ajax). It’s a thick liquid in a squeeze bottle. Normally used on bathroom fixtures, tubs, etc. where prolonged use of a more abrasive cleanser would damage the finish.

Does anyone know if that product is available in Taiwan or if there is a local equivalent?



Have not seen it here…yet.

Baking soda works wonderfully well for ‘soft scrubbing’ things also.
As well as a heck of a lot of other cleaning and freshening chores.
Now if I can just find baking soda…Arm & Hammer anyone?

You can buy soda in bulk at dry goods stores in local neighborhoods for about NT$20 per kilo if I remember correctly. No point in spending triple that for tiny boxes of branded goods when it’s just a simple commodity chemical.

There is 天工粉 tien gong fen
Just abrasive powder stuff.

It would make a shiny, soft surface dull though. Like I wouldn’t recommend using it on your smooth wooden table. It’s good for getting rid of stains on a matte surface. Or cleaning glazed surfaces like the bathtub/toilet/bathroom sink.

Other than that, I can’t think of much.

I find that if you use an abrasive dish sponge(try to find one where the abrasive part is not that green steel-wool stuff)

In combination with some bathroom cleaning liquid(any of them random bottles in the super market), it gets the soap scum off easily enough without wearing anything down.

You can buy Soft Scrub in the grocery store at Sogo Department Store. I just bought a bottle of the anti bacterial with Clorox Bleach cleanser, they sell 2 types. It’s great for cleaning the bathroom and toilet. Good Shit!
I bought mine at Sogo 1 in Chung-li. There are 2 Sogos in C-L.
Peace, Mark

Great. Thanks for all of the info and ideas.

BTW, at the moment, I’m trying to clean a whiteboard that has been stained with powerful whiteboard markers. The normal eraser, Windex, etc. aren’t doing anything.

I can confirm that local dry goods stores (small private shops) carry baking soda. The small bag we bought, like Dragonbones said, was NT $20. Not sure of size, but likely 1kg or less. Commercial packaging, commercial printing. It did not carry the name that Lupillus suggested, though she might have been talking about some other ordinary cleanser.

The name on the bag in Chinese translates to “small soda” (3 characters). Under that in English, it says “Sodium Bicarbonate,” the scientific name of baking soda.

As for function, while it has a bunch of great uses, it didn’t clean the whiteboard, even with the addition of lots of elbow grease.

Next stop: Sogo for Soft Scrub.

Have you considered bleach? The plastic of the whiteboard has probably absorbed the ink, so you might scrub forever, and not remove it. You could do a small test bit in a corner to see if the bleach works and is safe.

EDIT: After posting this, I Googled for how to clean stained white boards and got this:

[quote]If staining does occur, it is recommended that the type of marker be changed, and the whiteboard be cleaned with a suitable whiteboard cleaner or methylated spirit on a clean soft cloth.

Do not at any time clean with harsh solvents, abrasive cleaners, scour pads or paper towels.[/quote]

See also:
I imagine you can buy something similar locally. Anyone?

nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

I just cleaned a whiteboard two days ago with a product called First Choice Cream Cleanser. It is very similar to the VIM I used back home, and sound like the Soft Scrub you mentioned. It even comes in a bottle almost identical to the VIM. I bought it at the Wellcome in Xi Zhi, but I’m not sure how much it was. Worked fine on the whiteboard.

[quote=“seeker4”]Great. Thanks for all of the info and ideas.

BTW, at the moment, I’m trying to clean a whiteboard that has been stained with powerful whiteboard markers. The normal eraser, Windex, etc. aren’t doing anything.[/quote]

I use my glass top coffee table as a whiteboard sometimes but occasionally I pick up the wrong marker and it get royally f***ed up. That eve as I enjoy my eve imbibe, I just dip a tissue into the rather stiff drink and apply it to the markings. Works like a charm. Rubbing alcohol is also great but I just like my tri-purpose cleanser best. Stomach, table and mind.