Software recommendation to retrieve lost files

Like the title says, I lost about 10 GB of photos that were not backed up :blush: And I downloaded a couple of softwares that were paid, (from C-net), somehow they were exbortinant. So from C-net itself I just decided to try this software, and if it didn’t work I would have forked out cashola. Needless to say it worked beautifully!! No trojans or whatever and ofcourse I said ‘no’ to the toolbar. In any case I have my pictures restored for free. Easy, simple navigation.

Oh and I don’t get paid to promote freeware. Just thought, I’d make it easy for someone who like me deletes files accidentally ‘the first time ever’ :laughing: .

You got lucky! Back up your photos in a couple of places or one day you really will lose them.

I do, these were just the last the few months. Wke up call to do it ever so often!