Software to make an animated movie?

I’m in the middle of a promotional campaign for an environmental event:
I’d like to make a short animated movie to help promote it. The kind of thing that appears in
Someone suggested Adobe Premiere, but it is very expensive. Any ideas?


Well, I got a copy of Sony Vegas 8.0 from a friend. God damm it’s slow on my laptop. I have a Levono X61. I’m actually planning to buy a new netbook soon. Is there a netbook out there that can run this kind of software, or does this really require a desktop?

I’m pretty sure that a netbook won’t do it. High-end desktop or a Macbook Pro might work.

Using a netbook to do animation is akin to using sticks to start a fire. I’d suggest looking at a good desktop or building one.

Was afraid you were gonna say that. Mmmmm