Solar Power in Taiwan- What's happening?


[quote=“Okami”]Why no Tidal power?
-Because the ocean is a highly corrosive violent force of nature and laughs at your petty attempts to harvest it’s energy bounty.

Why no Solar Power in Taiwan?
-Typhoons. It takes years for it to pay off then the necessary maintenance isn’t cheap either and one good Typhoon and the whole investment goes down the shitter.

Why no Geo thermal power?
-Caused earthquakes for the Swiss who shut it down in their country. We have actual earthquakes and an unstable geography and you think anyone would build a power plant for geo-thermal in Taiwan. You are a very funny man.[/quote]

Taiwan already have geo-thermal powerplants. The first one was built in 1981. But unlike the Philippines, development stopped. (the Philippines are now 2nd in the world after the US in production of geothermal energy). The technological challenges of using geothermal power in Taiwan are significant, but not impossible to overcome.

Some recent news on this: … g-for.html


Oh well…


Taiwanese PV manufacturers are absolutely f’ing hopeless at marketing their products. I’ve met a few of them at trade shows. Some of their sales reps don’t even know what they’re selling. While the Chinese (and everyone else) have been aggressively chasing customers, the Taiwanese made it as difficult as possible for anyone to buy their products, and don’t seem to have any USP to offer to potential buyers. AFAIK Motech and their ilk barely made a single sale, to anybody, anywhere. How they survived for this long is anybody’s guess.