Some Taiwan Tourist Maps

Stumbled across this site with many maps of different (scenic) places in Taiwan:


Don’t trust the Tourist Maps here too much. At Sun Moon Lake, for example, the map put out by the Tourism Board even has THEIR office in the wrong spot (it’s off by at least half a kilometer).

I got a new and very detailed map of the San Shia administrative (Township) area. The map is really detailed and as far as I can see pretty correct. Map is on 1/25,000 scale. It looks like it’s published by the Taipei County government and that they are going to release maps of the whole county area per city or township.

What romanization, if any, is used? Is it correct and consistent?

Some is romanized, but not all. Looks like the most interesting streets and places are.
I have no idea what kind is used, but it’s readable.

I’ll try to scan some parts so you can see for your self, give me a day or so.

I think they used satellite images.