Some things I see happening sooner then later

Believe it or not we are at a peak of technological break throughs

Its a great time to be in Business or electronic engineering

some big world changing things i see happening the next 5 years…

Long range fast efficient electric cars (already happening look at nissan leaf and tesla)

next iphone5 or smartphone to have a full sized laser keyboard with touch of button

Electric Turbines yeah i said it Electric turbines hopefully sooner then later cuz 1000usd plane tickets suck paying

Electric small planes(already happening search electraflyer)

Tvs that lay flat on the carpet and project up from the ground holographic 3d lifesize images of actors (which is why im holding off buying a 3d samsung tv)

more advancement in electric motors through engineering being that electric motors will be the workhorse of almost everything in the future

more advancement in batteries and capacitors making 1 minute recharge cycles possible for electric cars, planes, etc…

worldwide capable electric boats utilizing wind and solar without sails minimizing sail crew members and maximizing profit (have this blueprinted if interested in investing)

but dont take my word for it im just a stupid 28 year old kid with a degree in electronic engineering and business