Somebody Please Develop A Single Spot to Find Events!

Please somebody please develop an English website or newspaper or app or something that has all music, festival, bar, restaurant, art, dance, cultural, sports, etc. events in Taipei and even Taiwan. This is a huge business opportunity.

The websites and apps so far don’t have enough of the information. Facebook is not enough.

Something like,, or even would be great.

This damn Taiwan country is like a small town 20 or more years behind.

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I think there’s been ones that tried. I was approached by one online magazine when I used to promote events to work with them. Turned it down as they wanted a cut and added no value. And plus they were lame as hell. The problem has always been targeting both local and foreign/ABCs to an event however. I often struggle at targeting both crowds when I did that line of work.

Just put it in English, everyone can enjoy it, as it will appeal to the Taiwanese target group youngish with some extra money and time. Whoever thinks it won’t work in English, is probably some old Taiwanese business person.

That’s been available for a while here, it’s all I ever use.

We’re going to see Ed Sheeran next week, and thinking about attending the Maple Ball in Nov.

Nice one. That site really took off didn’t it?

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Timeout Taiwan woukd be cool.

The problem is the miniscule number of full on foreigners here, especially any with money to spend.

Not including Mr. Jones anymore, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No I’m still a foreigner actually most likely, just a temporary Taiwanese. I can’t travel on their stupid passport.
Bizarre but true.

But is your foreignness still full-on? :ponder:

whoosh…right over his head that one.


I think people have tried. I mean it’s a lot of work. And how do they earn money? The event planners pay to put it on?

You could have paid listings which are highlighted and appear on top etc. But the target market (English speaking with time+money to spend) is tiny so if I charge you 100 USD for your event to be highlighted for a month how many people will buy a top spot? Revenue would be minuscule I believe

Exactly. The revenue is so small. It’s just not a good idea @tango42. I know people that personally tried it but I didn’t want to mention names. They all failed.

Bear in mind all your locals and ABC TBA CBA etc. types have Chinese language Facebook feeds and the like for events. Personally I keep up with events just by checking on friends events in Facebook. If you’re friends with enough party animals you’ll keep up with stuff.


Gig guide dot TW used to be the go to but now everyone uses bandsintown

Just in case anyone is actually going to see Ed Sheeran, he cancelled the Taipei (+ Japan & HK) concert due to a fractured wrist.

Develop an English speaking app/website/newspaper for a minority of the population of Taiwan? Good luck convincing someone to back that start up.

I’m like 100% sure you’ve either made an OP about this before or you’ve replied to a similar topic. Seems like things are going to stay the way they are. You’re better off polishing your Chinese language capabilities rather than wait for someone to create an app/website.

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Didn’t Compass / Taiwan Fun try this, and pretty much disappear about a decade ago? (It looks like they’re still active for Taichung, but not Taipei.) I just don’t think there’s enough of an English-only market to support such a business.

Rather than saying Taipei is a decade behind, it may be the case that the market only existed a decade or two ago. My impression is that there used to be a bigger expat population in business (HSR construction, the different computer parks) than there is now.

That being said … is there even a Chinese-language site with that kind of information? I’ve had similar issues with finding restaurants - I know that Yelp only includes reviews of a small number of the restaurants in an area, but I haven’t found another app with more utility.

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