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Hello Aristotle,

The following is an email sent to you by JeffG via
your account on Segue. If this message is spam,
contains abusive or other comments you find
offensive please contact the webmaster of the board
at the following address:

Include this full email (particularly the headers).
Please note that the reply address to this email has
been set to that of JeffG.

Message sent to you follows


Can I ask why now, for the second time, you have
posted a warning, given by two moderators, into the
Work Advisory/Warning For Chaiyi, Taiwan thread in
the Living in Taiwan forum?

Why do you have a problem with it?
If you feel the warning is justified and deserved why not put it out for all to see.
If it is good enough for my email box, it is certainly good enough for your forum.
I would like to thank you for not sending me profane and idiot messages. I seem to be getting a lot of them from people on your forum.

Okay then let’s talk here. I have nothing to hide, but I want to know why you insisit on posting these messages/warnings back to the Living in Taiwan forum? By doing this you are/will disrupt the flow of the thread topic. [color=blue](This is why I have a problem with it)[/color] If you have a concern or problem about being warned you can post here or directly inquire with the moderator who warned you.

Regarding profane and idiot messages you are recieveing: this is a separate issue. Do you feel it is something that we need to address? Are you being threatened?

Cai Niao

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Posted: Today at 12:25 Post subject: If you don’t like it, Don’t write it!

Hello, Aristotle

You account on Segue has recived a warning.
You have now a total of 2 warnings, if you somehow receive more than 10
your account will be blocked.

The reasons for this are numerous, this warning is received because of
this post:
that you made.

Here are a reminder of some of the terms you accepted when you
registered, we kindly ask you to respect them in the future

“You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous,
hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may
violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and
permanently banned”

If you don’t see why you’ve recived this warning you could try contact
hexuan, who gave the warning, explaining your post,
and that you don’t understand why this warning is given.

Regards, – Exclusively Taiwan-oriented

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Multiple posts is NOT the way to sway the segue (or any forums) community.

Just chill

She knew 21 ways to kill, with her palm pilot.
But she was all about peace baby.

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[color=blue]Sorry sandman, I moved the post before your reply, but I have the message you sent so I am posting it here for you.[/color][b]

Segue Forum: Living in Taiwan
Topic Title: Work Advisory/Warning For Chaiyi, Taiwan
Post Author: sandman[/b]

You can use the following link to view the topic:

Posted text:

[quote:63b32d9050]Why do you have a problem with it?
If you feel the warning is justified and deserved why not put it out for all to see.

Aristotle, your warning is neither justified nor deserved, unless you can back your claims with evidence. You have yet to provide any.

[quote:63b32d9050]If it is good enough for my email box, it is certainly good enough for your forum[/quote:63b32d9050]

I get all kinds of chain letters and Nigerian scam crap cc’d to my email inbox, but I wouldn’t dream of posting it here.

JeffG - Good moderating.

When moderators delete posts it can be annoying/ frustrating. If for no other reason than we want to know what the fuss is about. It’s much better to post it all in the feedback or flame forums and leave it out in the open.

Sorry if this is a little off topic.

For the record my warning was for posting irrelevant twaddle about nothing in Teaching. Cutting and pasting email notifications is just spamming. Post something meaningful and relevant if you want, but no spam.