Sometimes I want to browse the adverts

Is there a way I can just look at all the banner ads? Like, there’s one I saw yesterday, but I can’t find it again…no matter how many times I refresh the stupid window.

Don’t you hate that thing where you see an interesting advert just as you’re clicking away from a page, and when you go back you get a different one instead? That happens to me all the time, on loads of different sites.

Yeah, it’s a total pain.

So can be something done on Forumosa? i.e., have a page with all the advertisers’ banners or a list of the advertisers?

You might find who you’re looking for here:

[quote=“irishstu”]You might find who you’re looking for here:[/quote]

whoo-hoo! :+)

No problem.

Actually, there’s also this (not sure how up-to-date either of these links are, btw):

EDIT: The answer is “horribly out of date”.