Song of Cloud and Water

Is it true that the shooting of the movie (Song of Cloud and Water) was forbidden in Taiwan in 2006 (by Mainland Affairs Council (MAC))? Censorship also in the free democracy of Taiwan?

‘Song of Cloud and Water’ starts shooting (2005-12-11 09:27:14 by China Daily)

The location shooting of “Song of Cloud and Water (Yunshui Yao)” kicked off early this week in Beijing.

Set in Liaoning, Fujian, Taiwan provinces, Tibet Autonomous Region and Hong Kong, and spanning at least 60 years since the mid-1940s, the film tells a heart-warming love triangle story about Taiwan-born physician Chen Qiushui (“Water”), Taiwan-born high school teacher Wang Biyun (“Cloud”), and Shanghai-born interpreter Wang Jindi.

Invested with at least 20 million yuan, the film is jointly produced by the China Film (Group) Corporation, and several film investment companies from Hong Kong and Taiwan.