Soul Food Bistro, Mexican+, Luodong, Yilan, 壽福美墨小食部

The mexican food is so damn good I went back for lunch the next day and ordered a few burritos and bought sauce to take home.

The owner said I’m not the first one to eat dinner and then come back the next day at lunch.

Mexican selections, great, fresh, personal attention to everything, meats are so good, homemade sauces are not just spicy but they have flavor, owner very friendly and speaks English.

I had one plate of tacos and so good I ordered a whole other plate for a total of 6, the kind of tacos you want to take big bites out of.

Burritoes are so good I’m eating in car and dropping it all over and making a mess on my clothes and I don’t care.


We loved this place too. Shockingly for a restaurant of this type, even my wife. Every time I suggest getting a hamburger, she always mentions it. I’m going to have to go back to Luodong if I ever want another hamburger.

In fact, I think we did go back for lunch.