South African degree situations!

Does anyone have information about South African degree requirements for an ARC. I completed my BA in South Africa in 2004, when everyone completed it in three years. To get the same degree now you have to study a four year period. I’ve worked in Japan, Korea, and Thailand and never experienced a problem with my degree, yet now that I’m in Taiwan I’ve had a Buxiban decline to hire me as I only have a three year BA, which they say is not accredited to get an ARC in Taiwan. Can anyone give me some advice on this as I have tried to call the immigration and look online but all I get is that you require a minimum of a BA degree from an English speaking country…help please!

The best way to get around this is to get a TESOL certificate. You won’t have any problems after that. You can get this certificate quite quickly and easily, but it isn’t cheap.

Virtually every South African teaching here that I know has a three-year degree. Your buxiban is just a bit thick. I think Americans need a 4-year degree, because they’re slower learners.

A couple of years back they didn’t allow 3 year degrees anymore. I was here for 4 years already and all of a sudden it got declined. But then they realised that most South-Africans and AUstralians only had 3 year degrees so they changed it back.

Go to the South African embassy…they should know. Maybe your degree needs to be verified and they didn’t give you the right excuse?

You can get a TEFL online at for about 220 USD ^.^ is this the dave that subbed at Genius in Fongshan??? The is melissa ^.^