✈ 🌎 South America| Cheap and fast flights from Taipei to South America

I have to visit Santiago of Chile for several days. But flight costs around 3000 USD, and 40 to 50 hours of trip with 2 to 3 intermediate destinations. This sounds like a crazy travel.

Am I missing something? Is there any other saner way to visit there?

I am thinking it cannot be this hard to visit another country.

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Cost is tough as there are very few trans South Pacific flights, so you have to go via USA or Canada.

Going via Europe is also possible, but would take even longer.

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you arent missing anything, its really far and hence really expensive. Beat would he to fly to major hub in USA and transfer there.
maybe if you split to 2 different tkts you can save some costs. the downside is that your baggage isnt checked all the way through.

Yep. My cousin flew for volunteer work to Colombia. Her trip was long and involved at least three flights (if not 4?). Taipei to Asian Hub to US Hub to Colombia to final destination. I hadn’t realized how difficult it was to fly direct there…

Sadly, it is that hard. It’s crazy expensive and time-consuming, the main reasons why I haven’t visited my parents in the past years.
I suggest trying to find a flight to LA or SF and then to Santiago, that might be the most direct route.

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South America is literally antipode to Asia. Unless you live in a movie there will never be a low-cost and fast option.

If you get a travel agent to book the 2 tickets in the same reservation then often the check-in staff can send your bags the whole way (if it’s 2 tickets with the same airline or one of their partner airlines)

I can’t imagine any Taiwanese travel agent being this savvy though and there’s no guarantee.

Source: I’m an ex-Travel agent (corporate and leisure) and have done this many times

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Fly to Los Angeles (from Los Angeles its NT$13,000 return), from KHH to los Angeles about 27,000$NT return, so about 40,ooo$NT

sample https://www.google.com/travel/flights/search?tfs=CBwQAhojagcIARIDTEFYEgoyMDIzLTAyLTA4cgwIAxIIL20vMGRscXYaI2oMCAMSCC9tLzBkbHF2EgoyMDIzLTAzLTE1cgcIARIDTEFYcAGCAQsI____________AUABSAGYAQE&tfu=EgIIAQ&hl=en-GB&curr=JPY

I want to second @DKaoshuing 's use of Google Flights in the post above. This search portal (not simple google; google flights) has saved me $$$ a couple of times now, as it showed me an astonishing range of options I had not considered before.

Give it a try and see if you can find something better. :slightly_smiling_face: