South Link Highway 9

News is reporting opening of section of road South link highway 9 that has taken 15 years to prepare.

I think they are talking about this section. There is a road already but this will shorten the trip. Bikes will probably want/be required to use the old road and will be safer now with less big trucks.

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Yes, it’s that section.


Hallelujah. I’ve done that road twice on 環島.
will be somewhat safer now.

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Dont quote me but i think locals have been using it for a little bit already if they live up there. had some logging up there and the trucks were using it as well. noticed signs are going up on the west end at the tunnel now too. wont be long!


Isn’t that an illegally modified jeep he’s riding in?! If travelling alone I’ll probably still take the old road, a fantastic drive in the right vehicle!

Just don’t drive it too fast. I’d heard there was some kind of “speed check” between the beginning and end of the old road. They time you from when you start a certain section, and if you drive that section too fast you get a ticket.

Not sure when this measure takes effect.

It is certainly open now. Drove it a couple days ago. A lot fewer accidents and deaths for sure now due to idiots on the old road before. Car sickness is a non issue. Inalready started seeing a crap ton more tourists frpm kaohsiung in taidong :frowning: i hope i am wrong, bit will probably start changing the dynamic of taidong culture in many areas. But not like in yilan or hualien.

That’s interesting. In addition to this new section they are also improving the road all along the coast so will be much more convenient to travel between those two areas.

Businesses and hotels might be happy for the added customers.

Is this the route that goes through the tunnel at Yakou?

So can you now scooter the whole southern Cross highway now again (taking the old road of course) or is it still officially closed ?
Did someone already scooter recently ?

one has always been able to scooter, bike, etc. over blue route 9 (Southern Cross).
You may be thinking of blue route 20 that goes to Chishang from the west. That’s still officially closed.

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Looks pretty stock from the factory to me. What’s illegally modified?

I only say because I had one almost exactly like that with similar kind of bikini top.

These guys need to get things straight. The term provincial roadway is a farce. It is a federal road, not a county one. As sich, the chinese term provincial is just an oxymoron and enabling chinese intereat. Call it taiwan route 9 or something better much like the other way to say these routes in mandarin: Tai insert number her line. Tai 9 xian. Meaning Taiwan #9 line.

Have discussed this point witb countless die hard pro independance taiwa ese who still call it provincial route… Damnit. Need a whacking with my cane!

Someone apparently has a problem with the word provincial.

Some of them locals peoples still tryin to hold on to the word provincial to try and show their power.

Well, at least they are talking about something else other than the W-h-v thing-a-ma-jig.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting worked up over the federal vs. provincial road debate. Someone needs to put a racial spin on this so I can be angry! :frowning:

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Federal? Don’t you need a federation for that? :ponder:

I’d opt for Taiwan Highway. Everyone should be able to live with that.

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If we talkin bout big red, not a tick. If we talkin bout our homeland, bet yer bottom dollar aint gonna accept no provincial nonsense. We aint got no province here and we sure as shit aint no province either.

All them blue bloods can head back on the horse they rode in on…