Southeast Coast Trip

Looking to take four and a bit days to drive (from Taipei) down to Taidong and the surrounding area.

From other threads I found that the jury is still out on whether to pick the rift valley road or the coastal. I’ve heard talk of doing a combination there of? Any route recommendations greatly appreciated! Note that the gf is very unfond of retracing roads! To save time, will probably end up returning to Taipei via the west coast.

So, with a fourish day time frame, what’s the recommended things to see and do? Tailuge and Kending will not be part, but otherwise anything south of Hualian and east of Kaosiong is open. To much area for the given time? Looking for relaxing (like that beach resort mentioned elsewhere), scenic, (short) hiking, or cultural (no museums) activities.

Sound out please, whats your recommends? And yes, I have and consult the LP :slight_smile:

One possible combination of mountain highway and coastal highway is to cross over about halfway between. We drove up from taitung along the coast, and then turned off to go to a hotsprings town called Ruei Suei (Juei Suei). If you wanted, you could stay in Ruei Suei and then continue along the mountain highway up to Hualien.

I really enjoyed the road from the coast to Ruei Suei, it had a lot of turns and nice views.

As for cultural activities, Taitung has an Aboriginal center. When we drove, there were enough things to stop along the highway to see, that it ended up taking all day to get from taitung-> ruei suei, and then another whole day to get from Ruei Suei->hualien.

:notworthy: Thanks, I was getting lonely…

There’s really that much to see? What time did you start/stop during the day? I’ve heard its only about 4 hours driving which I had thought that left tons of time to stop as one felt and enjoy the scenery.

If you have the time you might go south of Taitung, then south of Dawu and follow 9 south and then 199. There are posts about this trip as my wife and I were inquiring earlier this year. Good advise posted there. We stayed at TungYuan, a small aboriginal village. Nice homestay and beutiful surroundings. Mountain air, GREAT food and good hosts. Search under Dawu and you should come up with the posts. It’s easy to go over to Pengdung and then back north from there. Nice ride and a memorable experience for us.

[quote=“Freakin’ Amazing”]
There’s really that much to see? What time did you start/stop during the day? [/quote]

I guess I should have mentioned that we like to stop and look at things, perhaps more than the average person. I’m also a bit of a photographer, so that probably slowed things down too… There are just quite a few ‘taiwanese’ attractions along the way. you know, the 8 fairy platform bridge (get out, look at the bridge, maybe walk across it, then drive on…), then the place with all the little caves on the side of a mountain wall with little temples inside, and just other things like that that involve a big parking lot and tacky tourist stands. There are also quite a few viewpoints that we couldnt resist stopping at.

We traveled in the winter, and usually started around 9 or 10am. We pulled into Ruei Suei and Hualien both when it was getting dark.