Space Bags (Vacuum storage bags)

Looking for these in Taipei. I have checked the camping shops, but they only sell the really heavy duty ones, which are expensive and too heavy. Haven’t found any in the department stores either.




Picked some up in RT-Mart just last week.

Mmm. I’ve heard about RT Mart, but don’t know where it is. Is it that chepo supermarket with the blue sign? I think there is one in Beitou near the MRT.

zhu in with tones would be appriceiated.

Thanks Connel.

Most are very large, i believe red & white sign. I go to the one up in NeiHu next door to Costco. I don’t know the Chinese pronounciation but here is the name 大潤發

da4 run4 fa1

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Now you can impress the missus. Cheers!

From the picture, they look excatly the same as the ones they sell in Costco.

They come in a 15 bag combo set containing jumbo, XL, L, M, suitcase and carry on size bags.

We’ve just used them for our winter clothes storage.

Here’s the manufacturers website


Thanks Phil. The image is from that site. I know someone with a Costco card…could be useful!