Space hotel?

I wonder how they will handle the staff. I assume you need highly trained staff on the station at all times. Besides having to deal with muscle wasting, radiation will also be an issue after a while if you work in the space hotel.

Question is, how are they going to get all the stuff into space?

At about 10,000 per pound to launch anything, this project will bankrupt nations.

At current technology there is literally not enough money in the world to put anything significant in orbit. ISS is a collaboration between all the powerful nations in the world.

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You mean this playground for billionaires is being paid for with tax money?

Sheesh, they could stay in our very nice space hotels for free if they would just tone down the xenophobia… :roll:

As with all things, gov fu ded the research and then it webt over to the prjvate sector to actually make it work on the logistics side.

The 10k price per kg is going way down and that is why guys like musk, bezos and the virgin dude are in their own space race to drive the kg price down. And they are. So also like other new thinga that start out astronomical they come down fast when there is serious private sector competition. Which there is.

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Only up to a point; you’re still constrained by the energy density of the fuel, and the cost thereof. It’s not one of those things you can drive down to an arbitrarily low price.

I honestly don’t see how you could make the thing pay for itself. My guess is that it’s an elaborate scam to bilk non-technical investors. When it all goes balls-up, ah well, never mind, the people running the show would have had a blast in the meantime. Remember the girl who had a “lab in a box” and blew many millions of dollars of venture capital before anyone figured out that her schtick didn’t even make sense?

EDIT: her name was Elizabeth Holmes.

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There’s a book about her there supposed to be a good read. Anybody in the industry would have been pretty skeptical to be fair. But the investors didn’t have that depth of understanding.

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I’d be more concerned about all that vomit floating around in this hotel.


Quite :slight_smile: I’m wondering if this space hotel thing will be pitched at suckers, sorry, VCs, with a similar lack of knowledge of rocket science. I’m guessing there isn’t a shortage.

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The guy behind the space hotels , Bigelow , he’s a real character. Don’t write him off completely he’s very smart and a very successful businessman .
He’s also a UFO and alien nut like me :sunglasses::grinning:, I’ve known about him for many many years because of this.

Perhaps he’s got some alien tech up his sleeve to work around the fuel issue? :slight_smile:

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I recall his company is the one that is perfecting inflatable space habitats. Before that big in real estate. After that I draw a blank mainly. His UFO and alien hunting activities
…I can brief you anytime.:joy:

OK … that doesn’t sound completely implausible. Mechanically I guess it would work. The main issue would be protecting it from micrometorite impact.

Yeah I need to check into it but his company have been working on this inflatable tech for decades. He’s no idiot.

I havent read on it for a few months. But previous plans were always just to incorporate a few rooms in the bigger picture to help fund things. It would be a bit naive to think there will be a single unit dedicated to a hotel in space…

Manufacturing in space, R & D, medical reaearch etc etc are all big pay offs where companies would pay good money to either rent a space in the “ship” or hire them to run experiments for them with their equipment.

I see this as amazingly profitable!

The hotel thing is a good fundraising thing and as the price is steadily going down even the millionaires can play. Like.finley says it likely wont be a few thousand dollar trip. But coming down to 100k usd a night could be considered hugely reduced from previous estimates based on government efficiencies.

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