Space-toilet news

A Japanese astronaut on the Space Station has been testing out some special space-underwear, and kept them on for a whole month. His colleagues had no complaints about the smell. Maybe we should get some for the more smelly Forumosans. Scientists now want to examine the contents of his underwear :sick: … rwear.html

During Endeavour’s recent visit there were 13 people on the Space Station (the most ever in space in the same place), and the toilet broke, oh noes. I think this is the same million dollar toilet that the Americans stopped the Russians from using a few months ago because it’s their toilet :rant:, forcing the Russians the use the one on the permanently docked Soyuz capusule. Have you ever used a Russian toilet? :sick:

I’m glad they didn’t tell them to open a window and pee outside.

Yep, and it took a Belgian ‘plumber’ to fix it … :ohreally: :roflmao:

Fascinating find there, Fluffy. You are the go to guy . . . the answer man . . . when it comes to space stuff.

You should have a “Ask Big Fluffy” thread, like Urodacus has.

[quote=“zender”]You should have a “Ask Big Fluffy” thread, like Urodacus has.[/quote]That’s a good idea, but who would ask me stuff?

By the way, The Space Station will be visible from Taiwan on 12th August at about 4:30am if you want to have a look.

[quote=“Belgian Pie”]Yep, and it took a Belgian ‘plumber’ to fix it … :ohreally: :roflmao:[/quote]Yes, and he fixed it the very next day. Try getting that service from a plumber on Earth. Big kudos to Belgian plumbers :bravo:


So who fluffs the most in outer space?
Or better still, whose are the rankiest!?

In space, no one can hear you fart.

One small poop for (a) man,…one giant dump for mankind!

Imagine, having diarrhea in space … all the floating poop balls … uh, bubbles? … :moon: :salute:

No problem, just strap on and open the hatch. Some astronomer somewhere will catch the mini-meteor shower!

Do they eat the same rations on The I.S.S?
If not, Euro farts must carry the day…