Spamming on/from/via youtube

I suppose some people found a loophole in Youtube and started spamming, possibly spreading malware …

Below is an e-mail I got from my account on youtube, so if you have one … be carefull

[quote]Hi belgianpie,
AngelOfLightCZ wants you to check out this YouTube Channel:


Message from AngelOfLightCZ:
Space ships from Shuttle and M.I.R around Earth , taken by OUR Astronauts ! Don’t trust government,media,the press,pseudo-scientists, that Loving extraterrestrials don’t exist ! They are here,in their ships everywhere above us, keeping people above wather every day. Information: W%WW.ANGELS-LIGHT.ORG , W%WW.COSMIC-PEOPLE.COM , W%WW.ANDELE-SVETLA.CZ

I dissabled the links I hope …