Spanish Surfer Stabbed by 'Fishermen' in Kenting

Horrifying…I hope he recovers asap.

It’s really sad that almost all the news articles concerning any foreigner are about car accidents.

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You just don’t hear many things like this in taiwan, it’s shocking to hear it especially from a random fisherman kenting. You’d king violent crime would happen in big cities like taipei or Kaohsiung. I guess it’s lucky we don’t worry about random shooting and violent crimes like in many parts of the world.

Gives new meaning to – Taiwan: Touch Your Heart


You just don’t hear many things like this in taiwan

Yes, you do. If you lived in Taiwan many years and talk with old timers, you`ll hear lots.


The ‘fishermen’ were just those recreational hobby types who park their 4x4s on the beach and leave a load of lines floating in the water and fly their stupid drones around.

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According to this article, the beach at Jialeshui is divided up into a surfing area and a fishing area and these fishermen had set up their lines in the surfing area. Moreover, you can’t fish at all at this beach from March to May.

The interview with one of the fishermen is pretty funny as well. “(Who stabbed this guy with a 固定座? (some sort of spade/anchor to fasten a fishing rod?)) Oh no, none of us stabbed him. (So how did he get stabbed in his chest?) I don’t know. I just know he cut our fishing line, so I picked up this fastener to go beat him, but the sand was soft, so I missed him with my first swing, and then he pinned me on the ground.”


Thanks for the translation, alidarbac.

These douche bags need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and then some. :rage:

This CNA article has a picture of what appear to be fishing rod holders (I’m not sure of the correct term):

But I’m not sure if that’s what Mr. Prio was stabbed with.

Is this Liberty Times article referring to Mr. Prio as a “Spanish Ip Man,” and if so, can anyone say why?

By “Ip Man,” is the Liberty Times referring to this person?

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It is. The nurse basically said in that quote, “Geez, what did Ip Man show up and fight him?”


Thanks for the translation, TG.

On second look I’m wrong though, she said “and possess him”. Not sure what that means, maybe there was a movie where he got stabbed a bunch of times and taken to the hospital? There’s a bunch of HK movies about him in recent years.

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This is just a wild guess: I wonder if she was complimenting him on his resilience. Did he walk to the hospital? Or does the article even say how he got there?

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So he was not actually a fishermen but a man that was fishing?

Yeah there were three or four dudes fishing off the beach with long lines…that’s what I understand. Usually drive their SUVs on the beach, set up a load of equipment and can be a bit territorial. Recreational fisherman.

Yeah, the surfer walked into the hospital on his own, and the nurse was so impressed by his toughness that she said “Is he possessed by the spirit of Yip Man?”


Thank you for all the support shown here. We all know that Taiwanese people can be very friendly and after this attack I haven´t changed my view on this. Taiwan is a good place to live due to his people and people like the attackers do not represent 99.99% of the society in which they live. However parts of their system are not so good. The result is this: 4 people waited for a guy (me) to leave his surfing session and they ran towards him with 4 heavy metal weapons sharpen like lances. Without a word all 4 cowardly hit him and stub him for good 7 minutes until another surfer comes and yells the 4 attackers to stop. The victim ends up with one broken rip that penetrates his lung, stitches in several parts of his arms that he used to block the blows and to protect his head, one wound from a stub that penetrates his lung and which gets at 1 centimeter from his heart, hematomas and contusions in all the back and chest of his body and an admittance in critical condition to an emergency room. There are witnesses who confirm what happened and the police learn who the attackers are and they get the weapons. Well, after all of these evidences that will make an immediate incarceration in any civic country, the attackers are not arrested and the victim tries to get convinced at the police station that the stub wound to his heart area was made with the 12 centimeter diameter metal part of the weapon and not with the sharp part of the weapon. He is also asked if he would like to negotiate with the attackers…
Really I am still thinking that all of this scenario points towards a trying to lower things down for a reason. Police like to catch criminals and to place them in jail, they tend to get promoted by doing so, but when with a case like this and with so many evidences they act the way they did, it makes things look very strange at best and corruptly influenced as a more normal way to explain things. Whether because in a small town people tend to know each other and the attackers are from there and they or their families may know any police member, or whether they don´t want bad publicity for their little town, or whether because the Taiwanese judicial system is so crippled, I don´t know. In the end it all makes a very dark moment in the history of justice in Taiwan, and makes me see that things are not so nice as they may look.
I am attaching a picture of the medical report that I was given at the hospital.

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One of the weapons used.

First of all I want to say how sorry I am that you have to go through this horror. I’m glad that you’ve recovered.

Did you contact a lawyer? I don’t think it’s possible for them to walk off easily. This qualifies as a murder attempt.

Jeez man I hope you are recovering okay after that horrific ordeal.
In Taiwan the police and prosecutors can be very passive unless the media or some people push them to act. If you want justice you will need to push it.

Yes there is a lot of corruption in small towns and the more rural areas, it’s true ,there is a high likeliehood that those individuals will use their connections for damage limitation.

However if you push this (with legal assistance) you should get some justice , the evidence is clear you were assaulted with deadly weapons.