Spanish Surfer Stabbed by 'Fishermen' in Kenting


Honestly, you should hire a lawyer, because (I assume) none of the members here on forumosa is one. Especially with such a delicate topic as yours. If you care about winning this case, please do yourself a favor and hire a professional lawyer.


I had a lawyer who ended up going there just to sit next to me watching the prosecutor. After I saw that he was useless I let him go.
The prosecutor is the one, but I can still speak and for this I don’t need a lawyer. This is for the criminal case.
Maybe I should prepare a document to ask the court not to take in consideration the fact that they did not found blood on the weapons since these weapons were brought by the attackers to the police and they had many or maybe I should just say it when it is my time to testify. I think that I will do the document in Chinese…


Btw, if there’s an appeal (which there probably will be, one way or the other), either side can introduce new evidence then. If there’s an appeal to the Supreme Court, it will need to be about questions of law only, not the facts of the case. This goes for both criminal and civil cases.

Also btw, you do need a lawyer when you go to the Supreme Court.




Have you contacted a reporter? I believe exposure would be good. Anyone know one?


I thought about it as exposure might be beneficial, but I really don’t want publicity.
Just regular litigation as if done right it should be enough.


I didn’t mean for the purpose of getting publicity, but to make it difficult for these assholes to wriggle their way out of this through some legal technicality, etc., to make it difficult for the judge to be too easy on them, and also as a way to protect yourself. There’s obviously a lot of interest in this story. My guess is that it most reporters would be interested in the story. Anyway, good luck and be careful.


Thank you.


I get your feeling. But you need a lawyer. A good one. And one out of town.

Its Taiwan, not Europe. You need a Chinese speaker who knows how it works behind doors and under the table.

They will get in shut, but not much. I promise you. If you are not willing to push it with help, go public. Can’t see any other way you will get the sort of justice you seek…


This is my experience with lawyers: they collect your money and after this they do just so that they remain within the Law. I hired one for this case who I had to let go.
If the system fails here I will make sure that the next time I don´t have to rely for their help.
Thanks for the advises anyways.


You are right question, and it’s going to take real work finding a good one.

If not lawyer then a local who can push your side.

Best of luck, but as you already have experienced, the odds are way far against you. Hopefully a good outcome!





How is everything going bro? Any update?


Well, today I attended a Court date on this issue (the last one was from back November of last year) and 3 policemen gave their testimony. They set up a new court date for the 13th of next month and there I will be a witness so I will have to give my testimony and answer questions.
Today it become more clear that the defendants have brought their weapons on their own and that the police never went to their home or car looking for more, so it was more clear that they could have turned in different weapons from the ones they used. This is key on this case.


why did the police not search their house?


What did your lawyer say?


The police did not search their house or their car for the same reason that they never took pictures of the many wounds and damages that I had. Someone in the police department of that little town where also the defendants live obviously knew the defendants or their families and they gave them a hand. I on the other hand, a foreigner from out of town, was a unknown to them. This is called police corruption.


It is true that in criminal cases the prosecutor will handle the procedure, but you are a foreigner in a country where you barely speak the language, why didn’t you consult a lawyer who speaks English/Spanish so that you’d know wtf is going on?


I don’t know. Why should he have to hire a lawyer to make sure the government is doing what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place. If they’re determined not to do it for some reason, I don’t think a lawyer is going to help. If you have unlimited funds that’s one thing, but otherwise I wonder whether much money should really be spent on it.


Because he is a foreigner in a country where he barely knows the language. If it was me who got into trouble elsewhere, even if I know the language, let’s say in America or England, I would want a professional readily available for any question I might have. With something as serious as this, I would want to be properly informed at all time.