Speakeasies in Taiwan

I’m looking for interesting bars to pay a visit, especially speakeasy kind of place.

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There’s one behind Gubami in Taichung.

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I just happened to check their FB today and Gout Bar (inside Gubami) closed back in Jan.

What a horrible name for a bar.


How about the Speakeasy itself?

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I have a list of at least 8 in Taipei area, plus others in other cities, but I’m not sharing. Took time and effort to find them. But maybe the info is out there now.

Some of them look like movie theater, suite shop, walk-up bar, a fire alarm down a dark lane, hidden wall inside Italian restaurant, a vinyl record music shop, looks like someone’s house, a speakeasy inside another bar… can’t even remember all of them.


Someone share with you in the past, so why not pass it forward?

Why did you reply?


I chased down most of the mystery speakeasies with merely a slight bit of information or a random picture. Some I even found on my own.

Not a Speakeasy if easy to find or access.

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How about an easy one that was around awhile and moved but mostly now known easy to find.


And 3 more within 10 minute walk of Ounce.

I like how you don’t even share the list with yourself.

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I remember one directly West of Sun Yat Set’s memorial, the front looking like an unstaffed tailor shop, you walk in, pick up a phone, say you want in or something and a wall opens up. Forgot the name and it might have just disappeared since the last time I visited.

EDIT: found it, it’s named Le Kief.

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Restaurants are getting into the speakeasy game more and more. Lots more of them popping up. Thanks to social media and influencers, places don’t even need a sign or advertisement. They may or many not be hidden, but will be subdued.

Like this one called a laundry, would never notice if walking past, but great tapa style food and nice wine at great prices. Reservations usually needed.

Luigi Laundry Company 路易奇洗衣公司

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There’s a nice chill one off Xinyi Road near Guangfu, cocktail bar, tiny alley entry, no signs, press red button, $800 minimum, 2 hours max, some standing tables with 1 drink minimum and cheapest drink probably ~$350, some light snacks, decent pasta and steak available.


This has gotten out of hand.


A couple days ago I literally just searched speakeasy on Google Maps and saw a couple of these I believe.

Taiwan is more hip and happenin than I realized.

those don’t count

great speakeasies in saudi arabia, really hard to get into and there was always that bit of ‘are we gonna get raided’ to spice up the drinks. good times. taiwan is the easiest place to get alcohol i have ever lived. seems to be no restrictions at all, it’s like the opposite of prohibition.