Speakeasy New Location

It’s next to the Mango Cha Cha on Guangfu South Road, just north of Xinyi Road, on the west side. It has a nicer interior, and it probably won’t cause any noise complaints.

Guang Fu South, number 554

It would be fair to say that this place has the largest selection of Irish whiskey on Guangfu Rd.

careful, there is a Drinks outlet on the corner of GunagFu and NanJing.

Yeah, perhaps I was being a little silly there.

It would also be fair to say that Drinks selection of Irish Whiskey would be non-existent. So I think Kiwi might be right :wink:


What are the smoking rules?

The rules are: If you don’t offer the boss a cig. you get bounced.


No smoking inside and no drinks allowed outside.

Is set up like a bar and beer drinkers every time I go but seems odd only one beer on tap (Guinness) and a few other beer selections. Especially odd when craft bars are everywhere serving brewed or imported.