Special Needs Man Kidnapped, Beaten and Cut with Knife in Hate Crime Streamed Live on Facebook

In Chicago a special needs man was kidnapped, beaten and had part of his scalp cut with a knife (as well as taunted and forced to say things at knife point) and it was all live streamed on Facebook.

The video can be watched here: http://heavy.com/news/2017/01/man-tied-up-tortured-kidnapped-chicago-facebook-live-video-white-trump-voter-suspects-brittany-herring-full-uncensored/

Nooo, according to Chicago police, The Latest: Police: Race Not Motive Behind Video Attack

Don’t believe your lying eyes, and ears.

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…but why?

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Yeah these guys are obviously not the brightest lights on the string.

Not the dankest of nugs for sure eh?

I wonder whether there will be riots, etc. because of this. Maybe some flags will be removed.

Yep, it’s a hate crime. As opposed to a mild dislike crime, or something.

But some idiot on CNN sez:

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Evil requires a certain base level of intelligence. People who have even an awareness of politics qualify. Don Lemon is an idiot.

This kind of thing has been happening quite frequently for years though. It just doesn’t get much mainstream coverage.

So is it a hate crime according to the police or it isnt? I cant figure out from those articles. Whan i was 18 i was full of hate but i didnt cut random people.

“I am glad the people who assaulted this young man were swiftly arrested. That’s how justice should work for all of us. But you and I both know that swift justice in this country primarily happens when black folk commit crimes.”

Mustn’t make the connection. No.

When they change the subject, change it back. That’s how the game is played.


Right, so if four white guys had kidnapped and tortured a black special needs teen and streamed it live, they wouldn’t have been “swiftly arrested.”

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Word is that this is not in fact the BLM kidnapping, but rather, the whole thing is fake news orchestrated by Russian hackers.


Definitely a hate crime. No connection to BLM, though.

Exactly, just like all the hate crimes against minorities have nothing to do with Trump…except for the fake ones, of course.

Trump gets elected, and then there’s a sudden surge of hate crimes against minorities… I would say that yes, there is a correlation, especially given that Trump based much of his campaign on xenophobia.

And if you believe that, I’ve got an election to sell you…for the bargain price of a billion dollars. There’s no money-back guarantee, but our pollsters (who are extremely reliable) tell us that there’s a 93% chance of winning!

Same logic works for BLM and hate crimes against whites. You know I started this thread as a honey pot to see which lefties would double down. Walked right into it.

can someone explain me this:

same exact story (plus the coat hanger in the a…) - but with one twist:
3 white boyz and one disabled black boy.

It seems very confusing - as soon as it concern whitey, it is always: ‘‘a mistake’’, ‘‘mental illness’’ or any other excuses but when it is a black man, then we are talking about ‘‘hate crime’’, ‘‘gang stuff’’ etc…
why this double standard?

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