Speech Therapy

My 2 year old has some delayed speech issues, (he doesn’t talk in other words…) and I am looking for recomendations for speech therapists or speech pathologists in Taipei. I am on a waiting list (6 months or more) for a speech therapist at Adventist… but with a speech delay the longer we wait to get therapy, the more behind he will be. English is a must… any referrals?

No referrals. But if it’s any comfort my oldest could only say a few words at age 2. He’s 6 now and doing fine without any therapy. Good luck!

If he’s being brought up bilingually doesn’t doesn’t he start speaking later anyway ? Einstein didn’t speak until he was seven years old, and look what happened to him: became a clerk in a patent office and was accused of collaborating with the Nazis.

I did read somewhere that bi-lingual children can start speaking later.

I also read that it is also ok, not common, but ok, for a child to start speaking almost as late as three years old.

That being said, as a father myself, I would be concerned if my kid didn’t speak.

My boy is still in diapers at 2 yrs old. Yesh, if I could change that I would - in an instant

Sharky, it is entirely normal for a child who is learning 2 or more languages not to speak until 2 years old or later. Please to to babycenter.com and look for the bilingual babies forum, listed under development, for further feedback. I tried to post a link for that before in another thread, but I had a problem with it.

Please research this a little before putting your son through therapy.

Is your son going to be bilingual, Sharky? I’ve heard his amah speaking only excellent English with him. But I’ve also heard him on the bus mimicking the security guard, “Xie Xie Da Jia”. I thought that was so cute coming from a little white kid!

He is mostly learning english. The amah only occassionally speaks in Chinese and both Mr. Shark and I only speak English.

I mostly want to have him evaluated to make sure there are no other issues as with most things early detection is important, even if there is no follow up with Therapy until he is older.

Yeah He does say Xie Xie, and I think it is pretty funny too!

I heard of kids, who do not want to speak until they are sure to say it right. so maybe your sun is of the more intelligent, perfectionist type. just give him some time…