Speedo Equipment

I’ve been searching for ages for a new pair of swimming goggles.

I have obviously seen many different brands and products, but would like to track down Speedo if I can.

I’ve done a search and found a distributor in Taiwan, but no outlets.

There are a million local brands, but I want a pair that will fit perfectly and work as well as my old, tired Speedos.

Suggestions? Outlets?


You might find them in iRun, a triathlon shop at 1F, No 131 Sec 3 Minquan E Rd. I’m not promising they stock Speedos but they do have goggles and stuff. Ring them first - 2517 6030.

Thanks CJ. Can anyone suggest a decent local brand? They need to be GOOD. I swim two miles a week and don’t want to buy a leaky pair.



There’s a sports shop about halfway up Shita Rd that has a good selection of speedo goggles (about 5 or six different models). They stock the more conventional, training style goggles aswell as a couple of racing style models.

There is a swimming shop at the end of my street. I’ll paddle out to it and see if they have some. They sell speedo trunks so they might sell the goggles.