Spending/cashing (ATM) crypto in Taiwan - Crypterium

I have been testing to find the best way to spend my crypto currency in Taiwan, and thought I’d share my experience with Crypterium, as it has worked quite well for me this far.

Some features -

  • They officially accept Taiwan residents, and will send a VISA debit card directly to a Taiwan address (you will need to provide a proof of address - they accepted a picture of a print-out bank statement from HSBC TW)
  • They have a crypto wallet that supports receiving and sending all the most common cryptocurrencies (I myself mostly use Bitcoin, Etherium & USDT, which are all supported)
  • The app allows exchanging between all crypto currencies
  • The app allows also cashing out crypto directly to a VISA/MasterCard debit card. I have not tried this on a Taiwanese card, but it worked successfully for my Europe-issued debit cards (both UK & Estonia issued). The credit is issued as a “refund”, and it has worked me for amounts up to 500 EUR at the time. I have not tried larger amounts.
  • They issue virtual and plastic VISA debit cards. I have both and I have used both successfully. The cards can be loaded by exchanging crypto into a FIAT currency.
  • virtual VISA: monthly spending limit is €5,000 EUR. Works successfully with ApplePay, and also for example for funding a UK based investment accounts as well as Transferwise (which can be used to send money to many other countries and currencies, or they also issue a low-fee plastic debit card, which can be used for ATM withdrawals or spending in physical stores).
  • plastic VISA (contactless supported) monthly ATM withdrawal limit is €2,500 (daily €500) and works in ATMs in Taiwan. Also, it has never been declined in stores that normally accept foreign credit/debit cards.

Overall I am quite happy with their services. Customer Support is so-so but they have a Telegram Chat group where they answer general questions very quickly.

I wouldn’t consider their fees “low” but in my opinion reasonable enough for the convenience and practicality of the solution.

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How does that work, Do they mail it to Taiwan address ?

You are welcome!

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@tarvi @ma3xiu1 Thanks Guys, worth exploring. I can try it with small amount first

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I don’t recommend Crypterium in my opinion they are scammers.

Go to their Twitter account and look at the comments on their posts.

They also charge high fees to withdraw BTC from their wallet . They locked my account for ages and I had trouble getting my money out.

I am extremely happy with BitoEX.

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It looks like Crypterium got taken over by Choise, which no longer supports TW residents.

@tarvi - Curious what do you use now?

It’s the same dodgy people.