Spies r us?

Why am I not surprised? :unamused:

Chinese `spy’ really was, US finds

A Chinese-born US resident, defended by Washington two years ago when she was jailed in China on espionage charges, on Wednesday pleaded guilty to illegally selling US technology to China.

Gao Zhan (高瞻) pleaded guilty in the US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, to unlawfully exporting a controlled item and making a false tax return, court documents showed. The US Attorney’s office said she sold Beijing microprocessors with possible military use.

The charge covered a transaction in October 2000, three months before Gao was arrested in China and accused of spying for Taiwan.

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Call me extreme if you’d like, but I think that Gao Zhan should be given the death penalty for her treasonous acts.


I was wondering when someone was going to comment on this. I’m pissed too… after all the effort expended to get her released from the Chinese, she has done this :imp:

taipeitimes.com/News/front/a … 2003077511

The confusing part is how many govts did she work for?

she was stopped by the PRC and accused of spying for ROC

released partly as result of help by US govt

now arrested by the US and accused of spying for the PRC

human rights activist. pretty good cover. that’s unfortunate because she will just make it harder to legitimate activists to carry out their work in the future.

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