🤼 😣 Sports | Amazingly Bad Lowlights of Sports

As I made the amazing feats in sports thread I think we also deserve an amazingly bad sports moments.

The Seattle storm were down by 5 points which is a 2 possession game with 15 seconds left. They just give up? And even more weird is the other team didn’t even try to play defense?

Skip to the 5 min park to see this bizarre end where both teams just give up?

I raise you Austria-West Germany

Definitely one of the all-time worst games in team sports.

The WNBA game, not really that bad.

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It’s well worth a watch 1982.

It was painful enough to watch when it happened.

And you can’t leave out this of course:

The indifference of Schumacher after the foul was disgraceful.

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This one is rather interesting and embarrassing on several levels.

Also embarrassing is how the incident was portrayed in media afterwards, often presenting a shortened version of the event, making the Hungarian look like she was destroying evidence, which she did not. Just a dick move after they had continued playing.

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Didn’t know about this incident until now. All the morons attacking Toth. Saying she cheated and celebrated wildly. She did neither. Erasing the mark afterwards was gamesmanship. Zhang complained way too long.

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Maradona “Hand of God” must be high on the low list


This debacle:

Whatever the Italian said was the lowlight of course. Zidane’s header looked awesome.

Cantona’s flying kick

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30,000 runners started the marathon in Mexico City. 11,000 of them are subsequently disqualified – they are said to have cheated and taken shortcuts.

After the first indications of inconsistencies, the organizers checked the electronic chips that the runners wear on their bodies and with which their distance is measured. It turned out that many athletes had not run the full distance and some were not registered at all checkpoints along the route. According to media reports, some even used public transport to take shortcuts.


So moronic, just to claim to others “l completed a marathon?”

I wonder if there’s some tangible benefit.

Oakland gave Miguel Cabrera who is a recovering alcoholic a bottle of wine as a retirement gift :face_with_peeking_eye:

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