Sports equipment stores

speaking of sports equipment. Does anyone know of good stores that would have a large selection of sports stuff. Specifically I’m looking for an Inversion Bar and Gravity Boots, you know… like Deuce Bigalow was usiong when he destroyed the fish tank. My back is killing me cuz all I do is sit at my wonderfully lousy desk job and read the posts that people put on oriented. My friend (who has left Taipei) bought one in Taipei and assured me they are the dope when it comes to gettin rid of back pain. So good sports stores? Anyone?

Don’t know about gravity boots, but the receptoinist at my old office used to strap herself by the ankles at lunchtime into some kind of frame that she could then manipulate till she was upside down and back to front, if you get my drift. (this is when she wasn’t scraping out her toejam with her foot propped up on her desk – yum!

I remember her saying it cost around $5,000, but it came from a medical supply shop, not a sports store. She swore by it for her back. Check out the medical stores in the vicinity of most hospitals.