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Sad news, always someone so young

linko: news Deaf Taiwanese bowler dies on return flight | Taiwan News | 2023-08-15 15:52:00


From that report:

One of the bowlers [who competed in Germany] experienced breathing complications aboard a return flight from Dubai to Taipei on Monday, per CNA. [So it was on Emirates, it seems?]

The bowler passed out while in the bathroom and was discovered by a flight attendant. First aid was given, and fortunately, a doctor from Cathay General Hospital was on board the flight, taking over emergency care, but after 40 minutes of treatment, the bowler still had no vital signs.


yes, sad, but report does not mention any age

Aren’t athletes almost always young?

Not sure if “bowlers” skew older though

pic looks like many of them in their 40s

Are you saying 40s isn’t “young”?

I feel personally attacked :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder what “breathing complications” means. The next paragraph suggests their symptoms leading up to whatever caused them to pass out in the bathroom probably weren’t witnessed by people. I suppose most of the immediate causes of death involve “breathing complications”, one way or another, i.e., the person has difficulty continuing to breathe.

bowlers are like golfers, can run the gamut between extremely healthy and beer drinking/cholesterol volcano

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