Spousal Visa for APRC Holders

Curious if there are any other APRC holders unable to have their wife or husband join them in Taiwan?

Could you share what your issues are? Usually if you have the marriage certificate, ID documents and other required documentation and everything is duly notarized, translated and authenticated at your local TECO in accordance with the government’s requirements, it should be possible to get a JFRV for your spouse.

Hi, yes all documentation is fully in hand. They are just simply not issuing visas to foreign spouses unless you are a Taiwanese citizen. Which is concerning as we are both fully vaccinated and they are issuing visas to migrant applicants and students. I’m wondering why immediate family members of permanent residents are being overlooked.

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It’s usually ignorance.

We don’t have a say in politics. Families with a local are constituents.

The same way Minister Chen deliberately excluded immediate family members (particularly a dependent young child) of a ROC National. Some of it is chalked as politics with bureaucracy.