Spouse Visa for Taiwan


Hi there,

If you are a foreigner with a valid ARC sponsorship for Taiwan and your wife is from mainland China, are they able to get a residency visa as well to live in Taiwan?

Ideally they could live as well as work. Any advice appreciated.



I don’t think she would qualify to work on a dependent ARC.

I think she should be able to get a dependent ARC tied to you. Not sure what the procedure is though.


I cannot find any information on a Chinese spouse of a foreigner with an ARC. She might need to get a passport of your country.

I guess a mainland Chinese cannot get any kind of ARC.

Marriage to a Taiwanese can be a reason to reside, but I’m not sure about marriage to a foreigner with an ARC.

I’d recommend to ask your questions to NIA, if you wouldn’t get a sure answer here.


Your wife can come to Taiwan, but I’m not sure yet she can reside or not.



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If you have an ARC you can apply for an exit entry permit for PRC immediate family members to live in Taiwan get national health insurance, open a bank account etc. They wont currently give a TARC or work rights.

The first step would be to get your marriage certs - and any other PRC documents that you want to use in Taiwan - notarised via ARATS/ Straights exchange foundation.

pm me if you are actually going to do this, I can give you some advice