Spqr cafe

Senatus Populus Que Romanus

This is a cafe that is way out in Nangang. It’s across the street from the very Northern end of the software park. Their sign in front I think is spelled wrong. It says, “Cafe Ristornate”.
The owner is quite a character. When they first opened, he dressed up in a homemade Spartan outfit and handed out fliers in front of the software park. The helmet was made with the plastic strands from the end of a broom and he has it on display now. He speaks English very well and always remembers my name when I go there, which is not very often and always with a group from the office. He started the cafe before they completed the second half of the software park. I imagine he didn’t have many customers at first but now since many more offices have opened and there is not too much competition, he seems to be doing a brisk business at lunchtime.
The food is pretty much standard coffee shop cuisine, but well prepared. It heavily favors the seafood, black spaghetti and all. I had the baked whitefish in lemon sauce today with pumkin soup, tuna and macaroni salad, and coffee for $280.
Inside are many large pictures and painting with an ancient roman theme. There are even a few on the ceiling. If you worked hard, you could almost imagine you’re in ancient Roman times. They offer Tapas in the evenings. Here is their website with the menu included.