Spreadsheet or text list of ALL Chinese characters?

I was kicking around the idea of a new year’s resolution: Review and/or confirm my knowledge of so many characters per day, and learning the ones I don’t know, such that I’ve gone through the entire list of Chinese characters that can be found in a standard dictionary. My trusty Far East Chinese-English Dictionary lists 7331 characters, which in turn yields just about 20 characters per day. But I don’t want to go in simple dictionary order – I think for my purposes it’d be far easier to turn to a spreadsheet, or a text list that I can import into a spreadsheet. Are there any reputable lists like that out there on the interwebs?

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You could work from the HSK vocab lists from this site.

I’ve got a list of all of the Chinese characters in Unicode, including extensions that you have to download extension fonts to read, plus CJK decomposition data.

It’s here.

How about try your knowledge review of Chinese characters in order of their usage frequency.

I’ve got references to more than ten lists of common Chinese characters, starting off from as small as just 25 of the most common characters, to 4000 of the most frequently used characters listed by their order of frequency - and the biggest one there is a list of the entire 6500 simplified Chinese computer characters (but that’s in GB encoding order and not by frequency).

Going up the list of usage frequency will definitely give you a graded challenge that would gradually increase in difficulty .

The vast majority of the 40,000-60,000 or so Chinese characters believed to exist are beyond obscure and utterly useless.

Best to learn the most frequent and useful ones… but in context, not in isolation.

If you’re interested in frequency lists, character frequencies are okay, but word frequencies tend to be better.

Also, Chris is right that context is an important feature of learning a language, because we can’t just map our lexicons (all of the words that we know) one-to-one with words of another language.


CC-CEDICT is regularly updated dictionary that probably goes beyond any printed book, and has usable downloadable data formats: