Spring Parties at 9% Night Person + Discounted Entry!

Spring Events @ 9% Night Person
All you can party, 7 nights a week!

Discounted Admission for Forumosa members!
You’re invited to check out 9%! Simply send an email to apford@gmail.com with the night you want to attend and receive discounted admission!

Every Night: Open Bar : All You Can Drink - All You Can Eat - All You Can Party

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: United Nations Party
United Nations Party
Special discount for customers with foreign ID
B1: (Hip Hop/Pop/Rock)

Wednesday: Sugar Sweetly Night
Ladies: NT100
(Hip Hop/Pop/Rock)
B2 DJs: Nova & Ian H.

Thursday: Party Queen Night
Ladies: NT100
Ladies dressed in sexy attire get free entry!
B1: (Hip Hop/Pop/Rock)

Friday: Office Lady Party
Ladies with name cards or business cards receive discounted admission
(Hip Hop/Pop/Rock/Dance)
B2 DJs: Andrew Ford & Leo

Saturday: Cocoa Beach Party
Ladies in Bikini’s get discounted admission!
(Hip Hop/Pop/Rock/Dance)
B2 DJs: Nova, Andrew Ford & Ian H

9% Night Person & Second Hall
B1/B2 222 JinShan S. Road Sec 2,
Taipei, TW

9% provides a friendly and English speaking staff, numerous bartenders at 2 full service bars, a quality selection of mixed drinks & appetizers, and more!

For table reservations or more information, please contact Andrew.
+886 93344 6553