Spring Scream 2019 Kaohsiung

I don’t get moving a beach festival to a city. I’m guessing Kaohsiung coughed up some incentive money to get it.

I heard there’s still something happening at Chateau Beach Resort (夏都春宴)

3-5 May


It’s at the Cijin beach, not the city. Basically Kenting is just too mad over that weekend with all the other events going on.

Yeah I’m looking for info on the other events in Kenting.


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Found this 3-7 Apr to Kenting.

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What is this free alcohol trend. We didn’t have that in my day

Too right. We used to have to nick our beers from the 7-Eleven above Tops. Kids these days…

When you’re getting something free, you’re the product.


/\ yes!

Is spring scream really in kaohsiung this year? Just when we thought it couldnt go further down hill…touche, organizers.

Wait the pre spring screamparty is in kenting but spring scream is in K town ?

it’s all confusing.

However, the Kenting National Park said the Spring Wave Music and Art Festival, which moved from Kenting to Taipei in 2016, is moving back to Kenting and has applied to hold the event in May.

So, maybe it is the one that moved to Taipei that is now moving to Kaohsiung (see “May” word above), with the early April one still being held in Kenting.

@tommy525, click that link and scroll down to end of article. There is a gratuitous picture that reaches your standards.

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yes, i know that. my point is some “festival” with Spring Scream went up to Taipei in 2016.
so, I theorize that there may be 2 festivals (festival organizers) banking on this name and that Kaohsiung will host one of them in May this year.
Didn’t the original organizers have some sort of falling out?
There are two separate events:
Spring Break on the Beach (in Kenting)
Spring Scream

I expect better headlines than flop for extreme failures. Something like

  • washed out
  • sand castle collapses
  • smelled like low tide
  • worse than a tsunami
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"…was organized by the Dust and Wind Company… "


They don’t sound like the right folks to organize a fun event.

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Total flop? Taiwan News smear?

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lol sounds like Taiwan’s version of the Fyre Festival.

Last year, it was shuttered after the first day because of Covid infections

Any news about this year’s plans? The www.springscream.com website still doesn’t have anything up

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It has nothing to do with Spring Scream. Jimi and Wade sold the name to the council.

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That’s interesting. Any insight on the terms around that transaction? Were they happy to sell it to a government body?

I was wondering why it was “renamed” into the Taiwan Music Festival and why there is a similar sounding Spring Wave event as well