Spring Scream?

Does anyone know

  1. Will there be a Spring Scream this year?
  2. Dates?
  3. Where can I find info or buy tickets?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

www.springscream.com is still showing last year’s info. and the listed email address is inactive. I have Jimi’s mobile number, but my own phone’s fu… OOPS, SORRY JEFF … jiggered (can I say jiggered?) so I can’t access my address book. As soon as I can, I’ll call him and ask.

I played there last year, and heard that they got some bad press regarding tax payments (or lack thereof), so maybe they’ve thrown in the towel.
Anyway, it usually takes place during the spring festival weekend. Last year it was at the beginning of April, so I guess this year it’ll be a little bit later – maybe mid-April or early May?

I’ll post here when I reach someone who knows what’s going on.

Hold the front page! They just upgraded the www.springscream.com website. Disregard last post.

Thanks Sandman!!

So, Sandman, have you registered your band yet?
I was about to repair you until you
repaired your own damn sef!

Naaah, Alien, we’re nae playin’ this year since we sucked so bad last time! Seriously, we’ll be dispersed around the globe at the beginning of April.

But my German yachting friends might be coming to play – they’re called “Cosmic Stoffs” have been together for about 15 years, and are pretty hot, except they’ll have no bass player so they’ll use me instead. HA HA! the FOOLS!

So, is anyone actually going to
spring scream or what? I am thinking
about camping out at fulung and relaxing
in peace and quiet… (anybody care to
go camping in the rain with only a torch
and a few beers?) if my pal’s ex wants to
come, well, that’ll be nice, but as for my
girl, she’ll be with her parents…

so if anybody wants to come with me (us)
I’ll show you want the meaning of
silence by the sea is…

hey popo
have you been to spring scream before? is their tent city too crowded? maybe fulong is not a bad idea? pro’s and con’s?

we might possibly join you then!

I have been here a long time… I went to
the first two spring screams eight years
ago… Wow, intimate parties in what was
left of a nightclub… Back then there
were a few really really tight punk acts,
local fellows and man, could they play!
Since then, there are many more acts and folks
attracted to visit Kenting… If you like
to socialize and dance, go ahead… There
is a lot of room to camp as far as I know…
But the town itself will seem crowded to
you by mid-weekend… The beach offers
a great place to escape: it shouldn’t be
so crowded, and this time of year, the
swimming is great… I would go, but am
reluctant to go alone, and feel shy about
being left out of all the teenage orgies,
etc… If you want to get laid, just hop
on the bus without no fuss and start buying
those girls their dinner… That’s about
all it should cost you for some fun…
But don’t forget your rubbers, my man…

As for the music, it varies greatly from
year to year… Now they have a lot of
acts, so some are bound to be great, but
60% are bound to hurt your poor ears – that’s
the way it is… (too many bands just going
to play for that weekend and they never
practiced at all). So if the noise bugs
you, just trip to the beach and you can
dance ALL NIGHT to the techno stuff…

But all that travel and ticketing’s gonna
cost you about 4000 including your food
I suppose… I want to go but feel too lazy
and I am reading a novel and feel like strolling
on a quiet empty beach like fulung this weekend…

See you…