Sprouts Art and Music Festival 2016

In the mountains between Puli and Sun Moon Lake, nested in a little forest valley, there lies the Paper Hut Stream, also known as the Art Labour Collective.
For the second time a colourful bunch of people open the doors and their stages to the public for a unique celebration of arts and music.
Surrounded by the mountains, far away from any neighbours (but close enough to the next 7/11) you will find a place to live out your freedom and creativity and be inspired and entertained.

More info:
Check out the official Facebook page for more info: facebook.com/sproutsfestival
Find more stuff on the official blog: artlaborsfarm.blogspot.tw/

From February 10th to 16th, 2016
In Taomi Keng, south of Puli, and north of Sun Moon Lake