Squat toilets (yay or nay)


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Squatting, miltownkid’s preferred method of excretion. :smiley:

Has anyone else come from a country with no squatting and come here to switch camp. I remember watching the discovery channel (or something) back home and it was saying how the squat method is a healthier way of “doing business”. A few months back I got stuck in a situation where no western style toilets were free, so thinking about that program I watched I said “What the heck.” Turns out I like it.

To add some more depth to this post, I dug up a relevant link.

[quote=“Nature’s Platform”]6. If squatting is so natural, how did Western civilization get off on the wrong track?

It was just another case of technology run amuck. The sit-down toilet was developed at the beginning of the industrial revolution, when man’s dominance over nature was the order of the day. The manufacturers aggressively promoted their new-fangled water closets, sincerely believing that they were improving people’s lives.

No one at the time realized what the consequences of this decision might be. Or, if they did, they didn’t want to invite public ridicule by defending a “primitive” practice - and one not discussed in polite society.

The sitting posture does have one advantage over squatting, which could be why it was adopted. Squatting requires removing one’s trousers and underwear completely. As the pace of life got faster, saving time became a higher priority than good health. Eventually it was discovered that much more time would be wasted dealing with constipation and other disorders, but by then it was too late to reverse the trend. [/quote]
I snagged that from their FAQ

Here’s the link: www.naturesplatform.com

There anit nothing like a good squat.

Oh God, Miltown, it’s far too early in the weekend to be putting pictures like that in our heads! But i do agree; squatting is cool, though often the surroundings of the squats are not as good as the sitters.

Miltown is that your WMD?

It’s “excreting.” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

primitive. low class. third world. a mockery to civilised man.

don’t like getting down there on the floor and hovering over an enamal shitter. especially not fun when you’re wearing nice clothes and shoes and there’s piss all along the edges. of course the women of this country love to pee all over the seats and not clean up after themselves anyway, so not surprising. :imp:

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I appreciate a thorough evacuation, others I can’t be bothered with all that squatting.

Squatters are better, physiologically speaking… the mechanics and all that…

But for me, balance is always a problem… I just wish there were handlebars in the front…

But I suppose those would open up a whole new can of germs…

I have seriously considered changing one of the toilets in our house to a squatter… then I could put the needed handlebars in and not have to worry about who has handled them…

Still thinking about it, actually.

I always squat, no matter what kind of toilet bowl is available. It’s much more natural, comfortable and efficient, and of course far more hygienic – no part of me ever touches any part of the toilet, except for my hand when I flush it.

Surely I’m not the only one … am I???

Well what about a hybrid sitter-squater? Some of the Western-style toliets here are so low that your knees are up around your ears, and you are - in effect - squatting. East meets West!
I find it funny the way Taiwanese xiaojies squat on Western-type toilets - quite a feat of balance.

Didn’t you click the link?

Looks like my kind of device. I’m gonna find a place to get one here.

I hate squat toilets with a passion. I pray everyday that the Japanese/Chinese B#^%*&$ who brought them to Taiwan is burning in Hell.

I have to take off my pants and underwear everytime I use them. Unless there’s a hook, I’m kind of screwed. We all know how well they take care of and fit out bathrooms here. So being so close to my excrement, someone else’s excrement, and the usual piss everywhere around the seat, I can safely say they are not my cup of tea in a bad way.

Now if the bathroom was fitted out with shelves or hooks properly and people could more often than not be decent civil human beings when using them, then my opinion of them would probably change to neutral. But as it is, they don’t and it’s just another confirmation to me that this island will never get its collective shit together. pun intended

When I buy a house in the US and if it is large. I will make sure the “unwanted guest” room has a bathroom with squat toilets.


[quote=“almas john”]
I find it funny the way Taiwanese xiaojies squat on Western-type toilets.[/quote]

Er… Almas, how come you’re so familiar with how xiaojies squat on the toilet? :shock: Can’t say I’ve ever been privy to that little matter myself.

Didn’t you click the link?

Looks like my kind of device. I’m gonna find a place to get one here.[/quote]

My God! That’s an accident waiting to happen!

Omni wrote “Er… Almas, how come you’re so familiar with how xiaojies squat on the toilet? Can’t say I’ve ever been privy to that little matter myself.”

Cleverly deduced from footprints, I assure you. I’m a gentleman (well, when I’m sober). How did you learn your balancing trick - from careful observation I would say?

Hee, hee!

Though actually, I don’t do any feet-on-the-rim balancing act – just hover above the drop zone without making any flesh-to-porcelain contact. In addition to all its other merits, it’s a good way to combine the daily rites of defecation with a spot of thigh and calf muscle toning. But I suppose most xiaojies have no choice but to clamber up and bomb directly down between their feet if they don’t want their pristine thighs to be soiled by touching that nasty bowl, as their lusciously alluring but frail little legs would not be up to managing anything else.

I hate them and have survived 8 years + in Asia without ever using one.

Trivia: In Malaysia some people squat on Western style toilets, to ensure better balance they put the seat down. :?

That would be French style … :wink:

Still learning how to use these things, but they are of course much more hygenic than western style toilets in the case of Public facilities. I have heard more ergonomic for expulsion as well. As for my home, I prefer a western toilet. You know, there have been many a putrid public toilet in the USA that I wish had had squat toilets. I think the USA should change to squat toilets for public facilities in parks and gas stations, etc.

Regarding people falling in, I think that is kind of funny that they blame the toilet, not the fact they don’t know how to use it. I doubt any Taiwanese that have experience with these type of toilets ever have any problems with them.

By the way, don’t the French use some derivation of this in their traditional toilets? Pictures anyone?

I think that squat toilets are only useful for short people. The longer your legs are, the more elongated the basin has to be. Also, people tend to put squat toilets into very small cubicles sometimes, which means that you often are brushing up against a filthy shit-smeared crap-paper basket. I have also found that I have great difficulty in enjoying a leisurely read of the newspaper when I use a squat toilet.

A proper restroom should have a clean, western, toilet with proper plumbing so that one doesn’t have to directly presented with the sights and smells of other people’s feces. Soap and paper towels is also a nice touch. Potpourri? Why not? And doorways that can be entered and exited without touching a slimy doorknob or handle is also a great idea.

I know one girl (American) who can’t balance over the squatter and has fallen in on one occasion. Dress all covered in pi#$ goes back into the bar with a look of shock and disbelief.

Perhaps it did have something to do with using the squatter after drinking.

If you’ve never used one, how do you know you hate them?

Aren’t there anythings you never tried but hate, just from e.g. looking at them perhaps? :?