Squeaking fan - how to prevent?

We have a standing fan ( for cooling ) - used to be ok, but has now developed a ‘squeak’.

Suggestions on how to fix ? Would use oil ( either veggie or motor ), but concerned about overheating and catching fire.


Try a silicone lubricant…

Sometimes a little dedusting with pressured air helps, at least it does for squeaky computer fans. But on the other hand, I don’t think a standing fan gets that hot that it would ignite motor oil. You can even through a lit-up match into a bucket of diesel fuel and the match would just go out. I would not try this with 98 gasoline though.

Well, back home (South Africa) we used to use Q20 Lubricant oil on our ceiling fans. It shouldn’t ignite/blow up/corrode the fan blades etc etc.

If you are really leery about spraying oil into it, then just take it apart…it isn’t hard to do…and clean each part. Fans get very dusty in Taiwan, and that dust gets everywhere.

DW-40 or the like in TW. Basically a spray lube.

edit: WD-40 can be found in most of those “have everything” places, as well as home improvement stores. works for motorbikes, door hinges, fans … and more :smiley:

frost, your “dw” got to me, no coffee this morning.

This should solve your problem

Most of lifes problems can be solved with either WD-40 or duct tape.

Ack I meant WD-40 not DW-40…but I think you got the point.

I would suggest to clean out the dust that’s caught in the bearing and then wd40 it.