As some of you might know, I posted quite sometime ago about my dog that I left back in Canada with my Sis. I miss him dearly but I think by removing him from his enviroment wouldn’t be an option. That being said, is there a Staffordshire breeder in Taiwan? I would adopt or even raise from a pup. I am staying in Taiwan for quite sometime and I would like a companion. My favorate breeds are Am Staff and Bull Staff. They suit my personality quite well. Any ideas?

Try a Taiwan tugou (be it “pure” or mixed) - you should be able to find some at animal shelters.

I agree with Juba.

Plus you wouldn’t be encouraging bringing more pups into this world when we already have far too many.

I have a tugou that’s looking for a home. You can see him here. He’s a little stockier now than when the picture was taken. Tugous were - and still are - used by the aboriginals to hunt wild boar and other game.

Let me know if you’d like to meet him. He’s be quite the talking point when you did eventually go back home.

Good luck.