Standard contract form for foreigners?

A bit off-topic here, but I just saw a “standard contract” form provided by the government for foreigners.
Two items in particular caught my eye. As far as I understand it, you can be fired for saying bad things about Chen Shui-bian, you can be fired for saying bad things about the DPP and you can be fired for saying good things about China.
Has anyone else seen one of these?

I would be very interested in having a copy of this. Mostly for my own amusement but also as fuel for my fire which says “the DPP is the KMT without the money”. It has really been interesting to me to see how (in the words of the old Who song Don’t Get Fooled Again) “the new boss is the same as the old boss”.

It would also go to the issue of why the GIO is such a bunch of kowtowing dogs. I routinely have martial arts pieces rejected by GIO mid-level civil servants for daring to mention that chinese martial arts came from…china. When I make that remark it is not directed at Chris Taylor who seems to be reasonable as an editor (of the Free China Review, opps, I used the old name, I mean the Free Neo-Taiwan Review of Pro-DPP Nonsense) but rather to the civil servant dog drones which are running the GIO.

I am getting ready to start teaching for the Investigation Bureau, maybe they will present me with such a contract. I’ll sign “with reservations” as they say in international law.

If by some chance you get a hold of an example please let me know.

yours in loyal and faithful service to the crown
Algier Hiss Brian
p.s. the locals really are funny little creatures; they are a never ending source of amazement and amusement to me.

Heh heh heh. Genuinely funny ! (The Farmers’ Union without the land…)

No no…the DPP is the KMT without any governing experience. They have plenty of money now.