Star-Bellied Sneetches

Rating systems - which is best?

  • Stars for the best (and worst) Sneetches
  • Starless, thanks
  • Rate the topic, not the individual.

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Gus, I really liked the idea of being able to rate members with a 5 star rating. Any way you can bring it back? I think it’s a really good way of being told what the Segue community thinks of you. :mrgreen:

I know you had toyed with the idea of a rating system for threads, but I’m not as interested in that. For one thing, I recognize that an interesting thread is often the combined effort of many posters, so I think a thread or topic rating would be kind of irrelevant. I would rather get personal. :smiling_imp:

I remember from the days of the oRiEnTeD regime that everybody who had 5 stars tended to deserve them, and those who had less then five tended to deserve what they got also. I think a few people who were not happy with the rating their peers gave them turned off the feature, rather than display their cyber-inadequacy for all to see. Hehehehehehe. 8)

Any news on a mod or hack for this?

ABC guy, brought me down. I was 5 stars after 200 odd posts, then I came to odds with Orienteds most natorious figure, bam, slam thankyou ABCguy, downgraded to 4. In most places you earn your stripes. You vote when your 18, not when you’re 13.

Ant, I looked around a bit yesterday for a star hack/mod for phpBB and was surprised not to find any.

Looking for the ranking mod makes me wonder if we are not “using properly” the post total ranking system.

If anyone else on the forums sees a stars ranking mod, please post the link here.

It would be nice to rate topics. This way, we could don’t have to waste our time wading through pages that are mostly people complaining or saying “me too”

Karma is just so much more “cosmic and sensitive” Ha Ha He He.
I like the Karma idea. Actually I am still accepting donations of Karma for my charity. so come on guys, give generously.

One problem I had with the star system was that the minimum you could give someone was one, i.e. one star is worse than zero. It would be better if you could award minus stars, or negative karma. The other problem was that you could not change your rating of someone.

Er…What is a sneetch?

hey Gus,
been reading Dr. Suess again,them there star bellied sneeches are no better then sneeches without stars on there bellies.