Star Trek TOS Episode: Blight on equality, really?

This article says that the episode “Devil in the Dark” has the ‘unwanted’ record of being a show with no female speaking parts.
Even though this episode deals with topics of environment and ecology, they choose to put the show down.
Could there be places where there are almost no women?

It’s been a long time since I was in the states, but I’d say yes.
Story or non story?

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Yes, for example dangerous and unpleasant work environments such as mines.

Which is exactly the setting of this particular episode.

This article could have been better. As it is framed it is a non story. I feel the author went out of his/her way to make a point. How much does a person get paid for such an article?

I had to stop at “could’ve”.

Yes, I chose that example deliberately.

Virtue signalling; some months back on another thread I pointed out that “problematizing” anything has been a way to write nothing about anything for quite some time now…

So, you see it. It is a trend. I see it too.
Bottom line, does this style pay?
I was expecting something juicy or maybe a titillating wardrobe malfunction.
This article, sorry @BiggusDickus , could have been an article of praise for the episode’s accomplishments with the two problematic issue mentioned in passing if at all.

It left me with a sour taste.
But… If that type of article is the type that people are buying then more power to the author. I’d like to try to imitate it. Follow the money.

I don’t imagine screenrant pays as well as npr or the guardian, but in academia it can pay quite a lot