Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls Suck, so what are the alternatives?

I bet Neil put more real cinnamon in that song than they do in Starbucks cinnamon rolls.

My cinnamons exactly.

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Rim shot!!

Thanks! . . . all week . . . veal . . . etc.

Heritage Bakery makes pretty good American style cinnamon rolls, (and a delicious carrot cake).

A review


Thanks, but those are cinnamon buns. Might as well just give up on life and drag my feet into a Cinnabon.

When I say cinnamon roll, this is what I’m talking about:

The BEST cinnamon rolls I’ve had in Taipei have been at
No. 386, Section 1, Fuxing South Road
Easy to get there from Da-An MRT station

Always would buy 6 or more at a time.

I also want to put in a positive word for Heritage Bakery and Cafe here on the west side of Taipei City. No, they do not serve cinnamon rolls glazed with white frosting as coveted by the Doctor in his post above. But they do serve some pretty stellar cinnamon buns, which you can take away or enjoy in their extraordinary space upstairs. Recommended!



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Cinnamon buns are just hack for Europeans . Looking to the US and Canada as inspiration for franchise made pastries bleeurrgghh :).

Yeah, I can see where you are coming from.

But remember that Starbuck$ is ostensibly an American company. So when an American company claims to serve American baked goods–and does so badly–it’s understandable that some folks are upset.

Thankfully there are now some good alternatives out there in Taipei–at least for those craving some cinnamon!


Starbucks had pretty good blueberry muffins a year or two ago. Now they don’t sell them anymore.

Whenever I find something I like or reminds me of home, sure enough in a couple months it’s gone…never to be seen again.

A long long long time ago, like 9 years ago, 7-11 sold snickers ice cream bars. Those were so good in the summer! After a year, gone.

I used to get A&W root beer at Citysuper, Jason’s and even Wellcome (they sell leftover Jason’s inventory at reduced price)…but all of them stopped selling it. 2 days ago I found it at Carrefour…27nt a can. A bargain! The others sold it for 45nt.

But yeah, it is depressing when stuff you like vanishes. As far as cinnamon rolls go…best bet is to make your own if you can.

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The best Cinnamon rolls I’ve eaten in Taiwan were made by a doomsday cult down in Nantou, sure hope they haven’t killed themselves from the boredom of waiting for judgement day!

I also ascribe to that theory…if there’s something you really like or is higher quality than average but reasonable price…it’s going to be extinct within 6 months.

Taiwanese ppl tend to , generally , go for looks rather than taste and authenticity when it comes to ‘foreign food’ and any places that are doing good deals usually die out due to the exorbitant rents. The reason they go for looks more is because it seems as a special treat on the weekend and they have bigger budget to spend if it’s Instagramamable and social material or the parents or BF can pay the bill.

That’s my theory.

But the food choices these days are still sumptuous compared to 20 years or even 10 years ago!

I rarely ever eat or drink anything from Starbucks whether in Taiwan or back home in the US…that franchise is too expensive. Anyways, cinnamon isn’t a very familiar spice in Taiwan, so most bakeries don’t see anything with cinnamon. From what I heard, on select types of coffee in Taiwan contains trace amounts of cinnamon. As for me, I love real cinnamon rolls!

In fact, for its detractors in Taiwan, cinnamon is all too familiar–it’s apparently used in some form of Chinese medicine, making its use in baked goods off-putting for some. At least, that’s what I’ve heard!


There are at least two types of cinnamon. Most cinnamon sold here could be false cinnamon . Anyway we sell a machine that can do this test for 300,000 dollars instantly if anyway wants to invest in one :).

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Oh, yes! Thanks be to Jesus! Praise the Lord!

Hmm, interesting, I would have never thought that cinnamon would be used in some types of Chinese medicine! If that’s the case, I wonder if they could prescribe people “肉桂捲麵包中藥”, or something like Chinese medicine-infused cinnamon rolls, lol.

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Even 300,000NT would be outrageous for such a test. I’m old school; I’ll just dilute 'em and take my chances. XD

Shamless plug here but the cinnamon rolls at Home Sweet Home are probably just what everyone is looking for. Our best selling dessert. Home delivery also available.

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Aha! Finally!!! I saw a program introducing your restaurant but I have never been able to find it when I am in Jiufen/Jinguashi area. You guys are in my list of must try. Good that you have delivery.