Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls Suck, so what are the alternatives?

Taiwanese like to eat toast and distaste cinnamon, Starbucks is right on the money here! :rofl:

Seems as I need to start baking again for the foreign community, well, not just the waffles that we do now.

When you’re a chef and can’t find your spice, turn to a ‘Chinese medicine’ store, they probably have it when you can figure out the Chinese translation, it’s cheaper and they even grind it up for ye if needed!

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how about that liang liang hao place?

Hope to see you one day. If you are coming along the coast we are at the 78.4km marker to turn up for the golden waterfalls. Street signs will guide you from there.


Those look suspiciously like Starbucks or Cinnabon product. I suppose appearances can be deceiving though.

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Taiwanese like to eat warm bread. Calling it bread is a stretch of the imagination too.

If I ever order toast when eating out that I expect to be actually toasted, I have to send it back at least twice.


the toasted sandwiches can be good though. but the 1 piece of toast from brekfast shops…no.

I like that place

I just read this news and thought I’d resurrect this thread. After the awful cinnamon rolls we’ve had at Starbucks, could this be redemption for them?

“with ingredients imported from France”.

Okay imported a pound of sugar from France but the rest are the cheapest shit we can find available from anywhere in the world. Made Taiwan style. Which makes perfect sense.


Fresher crap is still crap…it just smells stronger.

Still suck. I can’t even believe there’s any cinnamon.


They just don’t compare to the real thing


:eek: :happyrunningaround:

I’ve seen some legit looking cinnamon buns/rolls at the Sogo in Zhongxiao Fuxing.

Terrible food there.

I’m not saying there’s a donut law, but slicing a donut in half, spreading strawberry between the halves, and then sticking it back together can hardly be called a cream-filled donut.

Looks pretty gross…

Amazing Cinnamon Rolls available here for order