Start up costs in Taiwan

Hi guys,

I’m coming across to Taiwan after I finish my stint here in Korea and have a bit of time at home.

I’ll have saved up some cash and would be most interested in peoples costings for the first month or two here (before you get employed).

I am wanting to have a regular chance of surfing, snorkling and scubaing. According a knowledgable young chap on Dave’s Taiwan board I should check out “Kaohsiung” as its about an hour away from fun times.

So how much will an aptment, food (I’m a good cook and cook lots at home while i’m here in Korea), mobile and travel whilejob hunting set me back? I am coming with a mate so the apt would need to be two bed.

Finally, I hear due to taxes August is a bad month to come in, but I dont understand why! Could someone enlighten me?

The tax regulations here require a stay of 183 days in-country within a single calendar year before the normal tax rates apply. Until you make that limit, you will be taxed at a rate of 20% (which is much higher than the normal rate ladder, at least for ordinary incomes).

I don’t quite understand why you’re worrying about this since it’s November and you’re not here yet, but if you’re planning for August of 2006, then: you will get hit with 20% on all of your 2006 income, then will have to pay it on your 2007 income from January through at least the beginning of July. However, if you make the 183 days in 2007, you will get the 2007 money back on your tax refund, which will arrive in mid-2008, assuming you file and all that.

If you arrive before July the somethingth, then you will spend more than 183 days in 2006 in Taiwan and get tax at 6%, or at least pay 20% and get it refunded later. If you arrive after that date, you won’t have enough days in 2006 and will be charged at 20%